A History Rich in Accomplishments

From its humble beginnings in the old Scofield home on South Street to its beautiful facility on 28 acres in North Stamford, the IC has become one of Stamford’s foremost recreational, social and cultural communities, and one of the finest Italian Cultural Centers in America. It is truly a proud testament to its founding fathers.


On December 18, the Italian Social Institute was incorporated to assist newly arrived immigrants who were dealing with the harsh realities of American life.


Lelio Donatelli was elected the first President.


The Italian Social Institute purchased the old Scofield Home on South Street in Stamford. Membership increased and additional space for meetings, activities, and weddings was needed.


The Gurnsey Street property was purchased.


On February 7, the Italian Social Institute and Center dedicated the new Columbus Hall in which numerous dignitaries participated.


On September 21, the IC of Stamford, Inc., was chartered by the State of Connecticut.
On September 25, the IC was accepted into the Community Chest (now the United Way). During this time, the IC and the IC Institute formalized their stated mission:

  • “to conduct, maintain and manage a center where history, culture, customs and laws of the United States of America may be taught to any and all persons of Italian descent residing in the Town of Stamford, Connecticut.”
  • “to render necessary aid and other relief to the poor and needy, and to administer and dispense funds entrusted to it for such purposes.”
  • “to conduct and provide educational, recreational, athletic and social facilities for the spiritual improvement and physical development of young people, as well as for grown men and women.”

During this time, the center became a hub of activity. Italian classes, basketball and gymnastics events were sponsored. In addition, citizenship classes for immigrants were offered. Activities with Sacred Heart Church were coordinated through the pastor and Board of Directors.


The IC chorus performed at the 1939 World’s Fair, on the radio and at Carnegie Hall.


The first Summer Day Camp was organized.


Renovation of Columbus Hall.


President Nicolas Mercede presented plans for renovation and expansion.


The Italian Institute and the IC became the IC of Stamford, Inc.


On Columbus Day, the new IC on South Street was formally dedicated.


Each improvement and renovation brought increased interest and new members to the IC and in 1968, it became necessary to look for a new location. Mario DeCarlo found 28 acres of available land on Newfield Avenue and the search for support and funding began. Union Trust, who agreed to hold the mortgage, required that five individuals sign a personal note in order for the mortgage to be approved. The five members who signed were Nick Mercede, Mario DeCarlo, Cleante Pimpinella, Ralph Gervasio and Manuel Vetti.

With the mortgage approval underway, construction began as well as numerous fundraising events. The sale of the Dorothy Heroy property and buildings on South and Gurnsey Streets also significantly contributed to funds needed for the new building construction.


Finally, construction of the 58,000 square foot facility with state-of-the art banquet facilities, gymnasium, preschool, indoor swimming pool and tennis courts, set on 28 acres of prime property was completed.

Thanks to the efforts of Board members Dr. Walter Orgera and Donal Zezima, Richard M. Nixon, the President of the United States, formally dedicated the new building on October 12, 1970. Numerous members of the Italian Community, as well as hundreds of other Stamford citizens and dignitaries, attended the dedication ceremonies.


As the IC settled into its new facility on Newfield Avenue, the Board focused on strategic planning for fundraisers and future improvements to the property. Dedication, commitment, sacrifice and hard work of the members prevailed and the IC thrived.

The Men’s Club became an integral part of the fundraising campaigns and began annual traditions such as the Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner, Annual Summer Outdoor Car Raffle and Dinner Dance and much more. Several local establishments donated food and were extremely generous in aiding the efforts of the IC.

Additionally, the Women’s Auxiliary contributed to the beautification of the IC grounds and the Rose Garden. They also sponsored the Sweetheart and spring dances and collaborated on the IC cookbook. Mothers of children in the preschool started the Mother’s Club to support the IC Preschool program.


The Board of Directors began construction on the large outdoor pool to further entice members. It was one of the largest outdoor pools in Fairfield County and it helped to significantly increase membership.


Since the dedication of the IC building by President Nixon, the IC has been a rallying point for many local, state and national politicians, including Mrs. Barbara Bush, Senator Thomas Dodd, Governors Dempsey, O’Neill and Ella Grasso. In 2001, Senator Joseph Lieberman, a former Stamford resident, was introduced as the Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States at the IC.

As we entered the last decade of the 20th century, the IC continued to thrive and maintain its beautiful property. In 1991, the Board of Directors decided to hold the first summer Italian Festival on the property to share their success with the Stamford Community. The event continued for five years and the annual wine tasting contest has continued on to the present day.

During this time, a new generation of Italian Americans began to replace older members on the board. New ideas, new methods of accomplishing goals and greater participation of membership became the philosophy of the Board.

That philosophy continues today and is a motivating force as the IC programs reflect the needs and desires of the members. A wide variety of youth and adult programs and classes are offered in addition to the expanded fitness center, remodeled locker rooms and improved tennis facilities. The extended summer day camp program, Education Station, twelve hole miniature golf course, playground, renovated locker rooms and banquet facilities are just a few of the accomplishments in recent years.