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Aquatics Ausra McKenna 203.322.6941 x124 amckenna@italiancenter.org
Day Camp Brandon Boswell 203.322.6941 x118 bboswell@italiancenter.org
Fitness, Athletics & Recreation Brian Wright 203.322.6941 x114 bwright@italiancenter.org
Early Childhood Education Lauren Secko 203.322.6941 lsecko@italiancenter.org
Platform Tennis Paco Fabian   paddlepro@italiancenter.org
Swim Team Ausra McKenna 203.322.6941 x124 orcas_swim@yahoo.com
Tennis Courts (Seasonal Only) Marc Lupinacci 203.329.9209 m.lupinaccitennis@gmail.com
Accounting Manager Adriana Aldrich 203.322.6941 x108 aaldrich@italiancenter.org
Executive Director Jonathan T. Hoch Sr. 203.322.6941 x101 jhoch@italiancenter.org
Front Office Marilyn Macri 203.322.6941 mmacri@italiancenter.org
Marketing Manager Christine Meek 203.322.6950 x140 cmeek@italiancenter.org
Membership Marilyn Macri 203.322.6941 membership@italiancenter.org
Men's Club Aldo Vitti 203.322.8036 mensclubic@gmail.com
Catering Director 203.322.6950 jgervasi@italiancenter.org
Catering Sales Manager Anna Maisner 203.322.6950 amaisner@italiancenter.org