Campers sing camp spirited songs and learn about music through games & musical activities. There is also an annual talent show for families to come see their campers perform!  Each group will write their own song about “Camp IC” with the help of the Music counselor & their group counselors!


Preschool through 5th grade camp groups will have a daily instructional swim lesson each morning. Campers are tested and placed in the age/skill appropriate group so they can master and improve their swim skills!

Certified swim teachers provide the instruction and lifeguards supervise each pool. The camp counselors are also at the pools to assist with the lessons. All swim lessons are weather permitting!

Each afternoon the kindergarten through 5th grade groups will enjoy a free swim! The kindergarteners will swim in the middle outdoor pool for the free swim, while the other groups will enjoy their free swim in the day camp pool. This is a favorite time for all campers to relax and enjoy the fun of the pools!

The Middle School campers have the privilege of enjoying two “free swim” periods per day in the camp pool! The Middle School campers do not have an instructional swim class.


Campers enjoy learning about the outdoors by learning about nature, animal life, and plant life! Nature walks and scavenger hunts are just some of the fun adventures!

Arts & Crafts

Campers enjoy making many exciting & memorable camp projects! Favorite projects include the gimp lanyards, teddy bears, camp journals, camp bags, camp hats, creative photo frames and the craft stick imaginative projects! 


The day camp utilizes various sporting areas on the IC property on a regular basis to build skills, team work and sportsmanship.

Kindergarten sports include t-ball, kickball, soccer, basketball, group games, gym games, playground, tennis, mini golf and more….

1st/2nd Grade  sports include t-ball, kickball, soccer, tennis, basketball, group games, gym games, Capture the Flag, mini golf and more….

3rd/4th Grade sports include baseball, basketball, soccer, disco golf, beach volleyball, flag football, tennis, lacrosse, mini golf, gym games, and more….

Middle School sports include baseball, basketball, soccer, bocce, flag football, beach volleyball, tennis, pickleball, archery, lacrosse, mini golf, gym games, and more….


Kindergarten through 2nd grade campers will enjoy free time playing on the playground equipment before and after free swim. A fun time to run and play with their friends!

Weekly Field Trips and Special Events