Where Play Is Serious Learning

Education Station | The IC

About Our Program

Our innovative early childhood education program provides young children with an opportunity to explore, discover, create and grow through play-based learning–all in a safe and secure environment.

Through our child-centered approach, our passionate teachers help foster creativity and the curious love for learning that is innate in all children. We believe in nurturing the whole child through social-emotional, cognitive and gross motor development.

Why Our Program?

Our welcoming center cultivates learning at every age while offering exceptional care. Located at the IC, our unique program features:

  • Brand new state-of-the-art classrooms
  • Swim Lessons
  • Gym
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Zumba
  • Designated Gross Motor Room
  • Wellness Programs
  • Family Dinner Nights
  • Special Events

and so much more!

Parent Communication

We realize that the Education Station is your child’s home away from home. Therefore, our center uses Tadpoles, a revolutionary and password-protected technology program, which allows parents to feel like they are actually in the classroom with their child. Each classroom features an ipad that allows teachers to send photos, videos, updates and daily information (naps, meals, bathroom log, and activities) to every parent.