10-Week Nutrition Reset
September 19-December 5

Fuel your body to boost your energy and get great results!
This is a small group Health Coaching program to reset and refuel your life through nutrition.

● Kickoff with a mini Nutrition 101 to relearn the basics and fundamentals. It’s not what we
learned in school!
● Understand why diets don’t work and what behavioral changing tactics do work long
● Acquire the tools to do your own self assessment on nutrition to identify the areas with
greatest opportunity to improve your health.
● Set proper goals towards improving your health and nutrition in a way that aligns with
your life.
● Ditch the calorie counting and get tips to help with a more mindful approach to nutrition
and portion control that works best for you.
● Understand and conquer your cravings. Learn why your sugar and junk/food cravings
aren’t all your fault!
● Learn ways to easily clean up your diet, relearn how to read nutrition labels and discover
ingredients that are harming your long-term health.
● Get the tools to menu planning for success.
● Plus get access to many time saving tips, recommended products, resources and

Fee: $350 members/ $390 non-members

Register Here. 

Please e-mail bwright@italiancenter.org with any questions.