10-Week Total Body Reboot
January 17-March 21

Registration Deadline: January 10

RESET, REDEFINE, and RELAUNCH your health!
Feeling overwhelmed by diet plans and fitness programs? Do the words health, fitness or
nutrition trigger you in a negative way? Stop the cycle of fad diets and trendy detoxes and get on
board with learning a method to sustainable health. This is the anti-diet program. EveryBODY
can benefit from this program which has been developed to create real change.
This 10-week health coaching program led by Coach Jess Munier will meet weekly at the IC on
Tuesdays at 7:15 pm from Jan 17 – Mar 21. The schedule below outlines the variety of health topics
that will be covered. Meetings will also be working sessions. You’ll be tasked to apply those
learnings every week in a way that is realistic, not overwhelming, and helps build a foundation to
health. This also includes an easy to follow and customizable clean eating meal plan along with
shopping lists and instructions to save you time!
Week 1: Set powerful and meaningful goals. Top 3 health hacks to get you started.
Week 2: Phase 1 nutrition education (mindful eating, macros, nutrition label education).
Week 3: Working session to create a movement or fitness plan that creates joy.
Week 4: How to create a foundation and control your environment to set you up for success.
Week 5: Nutrition continued (Sneaky ingredients to avoid. Heal your gut. Brain boosting
Week 6: Conquer your triggers. Understand the cycle of habits. Top 5 habits of the most highly
effective people.
Week 7: The basics on Vitamins & Supplements and how to boost your immune system.
Week 8: Proof that mindset matters. Reduce stress. Define self-care and why you should
prioritize sleep.
Week 9: Nutrition and fitness discussion continued.
Week 10: A celebration and open discussion. Top resources to continue to learn.
● A 15-minute one-on-one initial consultation and history in-take with Coach Jess.
● Weekly in-person meetings at the IC every Tuesday at 7:15 pm from Jan 17 – Mar 21.
● A customizable clean eating meal plan with shopping lists, recipes, smoothie ideas, and
● Unlimited email exchanges for questions or support between meetings.
$350 for members, $390 for non-members. Space is limited so reserve your spot today!
This is an amazing opportunity. For just $35-39 per week you are getting valuable information, a
meal plan and tools to change your life!
Stop signing up for programs that sell weight loss and unrealistic results. There is so much more
to health than strict diet plans and fitness programs you’ll never follow long-term

Fee: $350 members/ $390 non-members

Register Here. 

Please e-mail bwright@italiancenter.org with any questions.