One-on-One sessions offer the most personalized coaching catered to your individual needs. After an initial consultation with a full fitness, nutrition, and well-being assessment, our coach will help you set goals with intentions and guide you through your path towards change. Moving forward, your scheduled sessions will help provide you with the tools, education, and motivation to keep you on track. 

Since every client has specific needs, the nature of coaching sessions can range from client to client. This is a shortlist of topics, activities, and ideas that your coaching sessions can include:


  • Understanding the basics of nutrition and how much the rules have changed.
  • Learn to ditch your diet and how to fuel your body to meet your goals.
  • Have a working session with our coach to create the best meal plan for you.
  • Learn how to shop for food at a local grocery store or schedule a facetime call for an active session on how to meal prep.


  • Understand the basics of fitness and how to create a plan designed for you.
  • The importance of progressing your workouts and adding variety to your movement.  
  • How to stay motivated and create a plan that doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • Learn about unintentional exercise. Fitness is not just your one-hour workout in a gym. Get tips on how to create more movement in your day.


  • Learn the science behind breaking bad habits and creating good habits.
  • Learn tips to help you with self-motivation, stress, and better sleep.
  • Reconnect with activities that bring joy to your life.

Please e-mail for more information or to schedule a session.